About Me

I'm a sudent at the Turin university and a software developer. I spent the last couple of year trying to learn and improve my skillset through opensource and commercial software. I'm passionate about building software and always seeking for new adventures and way to grow up professionally and humanly.
If you want to know me better, just contact me in some way like social network.


Università di Torino

Computer Science (Operative system and networking) April 2012 - present

IIS Ragiorneria Michele Buniva

High scool, accounting and software development 80/100 2006-2011


Online courses 2014-persent



Backend and Android Developer may 2015 - current

Backend developer with mostly Ruby on Rails and Node.js, also using some cutting edge tecnologies as Elasticsearch, Redis, cloud deployment on AWS. Android developer for innovative ideas.

Open source solo developer

Developer 2006 - current

Create software from ideas and testing the tools that the market offer at the moment. It's a good way to do practise and the community feedback is essential to debugging and learning better way to do things.
In my opinion is the most stimulating and effective way to learn and to give back to the community.
You can find most of my works on Github or in my blog (Italian language)

Audisio Graphic Design

Web developer, consulting 2011

  • Backend developer (LAMP)
  • Front-end developer (javascript)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Hosting consulting


Internship, web development June 2010

  • Website optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Web developer (helping my colleagues)



M101JS May 22, 2014

MongoDB is a NoSql database, the certification fucuses on building a web application with node.js (express) and mongodb, also covers the aggregation framework.

Web application architectures

MOOC Coursera/ University of New Mexico November 3, 2014

Web Application Architectures is a certification which focuses on the design and creation of an MVC web application with Ruby On Rails.
Certification taken with distinction.


I think in computer science the most useful skill is the will to learn new things and to learn fast.
Skills are grouped per confidence and not per similarities

  • PHP - Mysql - Javascript (client) - JQuery
  • Ruby on Rails - Node.js
  • Java and Android development
  • MongoDB - Redis - ElasticSearch
  • AWS platform - Docker - Cloud architecture engineer