Hi, I'm Luca Bruzzone and I'm a software developer

As a backend software developer I use Ruby on Rails and Node.js to generate something like this

As an Android dveloper I ask to a server for data like the one on the left and I make them more suitable to humans

I'm a Backend (5+ years) and Android (1 years) developer,very passionate about software architectures, clean coding and security.

Those are my skills

Backend developer

As a backend developer I use technologies like Ruby On Rails(5+ years) or Node.js (3+ year).

With those language I take data from a databse like Mysql or Postgresql, maybe do some processing and spit out a "view" of this data.

Sometimes traditional database are not the best choice for certain task, so I can use things like ElasticSearch, Redis, CouchDB or MongoDB

Android developer

As an android developer I use Java and the Andorid API in order to create application.

I think there are moslty two concerns where we are talking about mobile code.

The first one is that is so fast forward moving that not doing a clean code is leads quickly to a technical debt because the development cycle is usually shorter than the backend.
The problem is that you have a limited device that have limited resources and most of the time good programming means using more resources.

The second one is that the usage of a phone is actally much different than the website usage, a smartphone app is used for short burst of time (seconds/minutes) while you can use a website for long period of time (minutes/hours).

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